Paris Hilton Is Free

Paris Hilton Is Free free from jail Paris Hilton, the celebrity socialite, walked free from jail in California on Tuesday after serving roughly half of her 45-day sentence for driving-related violations.

Hilton served roughly half of her sentence
The 26-year-old blond hotel heiress left the Century Regional Facility in Lynwood, California, amid a mass of cameras before being whisked away in a car with her parents Rick and Kathy Hilton. She made no statement.

Hilton was sentenced to probation for three years after a drink-driving incident last September.

But on two occasions in the following months she was stopped by officers who discovered her driving on a suspended license.

The second stop landed her in court and then in jail.

advertisementHaving been initially released after a day’s incarceration due to psychological problems, a tearful Hilton was ordered back into prison for a further three weeks by a judge.

Hilton, the star of the reality TV show The Simple Life, will discuss her time behind bars on Wednesday when she appears on CNN’s Larry King Live.

It emerged today that objects from Hilton’s rubbish - such as dog food tins and a used toothbrush - are available to buy on eBay for a starting price of $40 (£20).

The items are said to have been taken from the star’s garbage outside her Los Angeles home.


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